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    Ask the Experts: I used to be a smoker, can I smooth out my wrinkles naturally?

    I used to be a smoker. Thankfully I quit five years ago but my lips and the surrounding area now have wrinkles. Are there any natural ways to smooth out these lines? Maggie, 45

  While there is no rewind button for our past choices, we can do something now to prevent and reduce their effects. PHB‘s Anti-ageing Gel Serum with Organic Rose & Sea Buckthorn (£19.95) is a wonderworker at rejuvenating the skin, smoothing wrinkles, reducing dark spots and promoting a radiant complexion. Handmade in the UK with vitamin-rich organic sea buckthorn and rose oils, the serum is full of vitamins, antioxidants and omegas that hydrate and deeply penetrate the skin, allowing…

  • Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Picture: Instagram
    Celebrity life

    Bieber ‘secretly marries’ Baldwin

    SINGER Justin Bieber is reportedly a married man. People magazine reports that the pair, who got engaged in July, tied the knot in front of a judge in New York City. “They went ahead and did it without listening to anyone,” a source close to the couple told the site. However, shortly after reports surfaced the pair had married at the Manhattan courthouse, Baldwin tweeted “I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!” The couple were also spotted just hours ago in New York, holding hands as they left a hotel. It appeared they were not wearing wedding bands. I understand where the speculation is…

  • Something’s a bit whiffy.

    The woman was shamed for not showering without being asked

    A mum who calls herself a ‘soap dodger’ has admitted that her husband has to ask her to shower.Source:istock A SELF-confessed “soap dodger” has been branded vile — after admitting her husband often has to tell her to wash. Posting on parenting blog Mumsnet as user blueberrycoconut, according to The Sun, the woman confessed, “I often can’t be arsed,” and has to be “prompted” by her partner. She said: “I rarely wash my hands. I do shower but as and when. I’m not in a fixed routine.” The mum asked if “anyone else” was in a similar position on the post — which has racked up well over 500 replies…

  • Does she not feel cold? Picture: Backgrid
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    Detail about Kim’s outfit we missed

    At first glance, Kim Kardashian’s outfit at the Versace show in New York looks like just another typical look for the reality TV star. The metallic dress featured a plunging neckline and skimpy design which showcased the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s famous curves. There was something strange about Kim Kardashian’s outfit on Sunday night. Picture: BackgridSource:BackGrid While it’s far from being the most racy outfit she has worn, it is one of the strangest, for reasons that are, quite literally, standing right next to Kim. Husband Kanye West left the party bundled up in a coat, and a look at the people in the background of the shots…

  • Chrissy Metz attends the This is Us Season 3 premiere party. Picture: Valerie Macon/AFP
    Celebrity style

    ‘People who’ve never been overweight don’t understand what it entails’

    DESPITE hailing from sunny Florida, This Is Us star Chrissy Metz only recently felt comfortable enough to wear a swimsuit in public. “I grew up wearing a T-shirt at the pool,” Metz, 38, told Glamour in her November cover story for the magazine. “As an adult, I was like, I’m gonna find a bathing suit I like and I’m gonna wear it.” It seems her search was a success. In June, Metz shared an Instagram photo of herself on holiday in Barbados sporting a Lane Bryant suit with harness-style detailing. Chrissy Metz shared this photo on Instagram.Source:Instagram “There were people, like, ‘Oh my God, look at you! You know I…

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    Rediscover your creativity!

    Get inspired by late summer’s cacophony of colour, culture-filled festivals and inspiring events, and unleash creativity to future-proof your brain By Rebecca Speechley When did you last pick up a paintbrush, write a poem or play a musical instrument? For many of us it may have been a while, but it’s well worth getting inspired, because according to science, tapping into your creative side could help protect your brainpower for life. ‘Being creative helps to alleviate stress, boost your mood and broaden your social life,’ says Dr Tony Lloyd, psychologist and advisor to health research company Equazen. ‘What’s more, it could help improve your cognitive function by developing key brain…

  • Tina Turner has revealed in her autobiography that she considered assisted suicide until her husband Erwin Bach gave her a kidney for a transplant. Picture: CM/Splash
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    Tina Turner reveals secret operation

    Tina Turner has revealed that she underwent a kidney transplant with an organ donated by her husband. Picture: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, FileSource:AP TINA Turner has revealed that she underwent a kidney transplant with an organ donated by her husband. The 78-year-old singer says in an upcoming autobiography that she has suffered from kidney disease, and by 2016 her kidneys were at “20 per cent and plunging rapidly.” Tina Turner has revealed in her autobiography that she considered assisted suicide until her husband Erwin Bach gave her a kidney for a transplant. Picture: CM/SplashSource:Supplied In a serialisation of her autobiography Tina Turner: My Love Story in the Daily Mail, Turner…

  • Rapper Bow Wow says he has retired a multi-millionaire at the age of 30. Picture: Barry King/Getty Images
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    Rapper arrested over ‘assault’

    Rapper Bow Wow was arrested early on Saturday morning in Atlanta. The rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, is accused of assaulting a woman at a private address in the early hours of the morning. According to local station WSB-TV Atlanta, police said the woman, identified as Leslie Holden, and Moss “sustained visible minor injuries.” Officers said they “were unable to determine the primary aggressor of the altercation, so both parties” were charged with battery. American rapper Bow Wow was arrested in Atlanta on Saturday morning for assault. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied Both parties’ charges are being processed and the suspects will be taken to the local jail. Police say the…

  • Dr Chatterjee

    Dr Chatterjee’s health tips for the new year

    This month, Dr Chatterjee is feeling hopeful about healthcare in the UK becoming more lifestyle-focused. So, here we are again at the start of a New Year. I for one am filled with optimism as I truly believe there’s is a shift taking place in public consciousness about what keeps us healthy and what leads to ill health. People are taking more responsibility for their own health and educating themselves about the best ways to achieve longevity, which is so important considering degenerative diseases are on the rise. Science over the past 10 years has taught us that only 10 per cent of our health outcomes are related to our…