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    Everything you need to know about astrology

    If you’ve ever wondered where the tradition of astrology stems from, or what your star sign really means, read on to discover more! My Path Astrology Rebecca Gordon is a professional astrologer, presenter and founder of the My Path Astrology School. She hosts workshops, retreats and presentations around the world, teaching others how to translate cosmic signs into practical, everyday actions.  What is astrology? For many of us, experiences with astrology stop with knowing our star sign, but its roots are much, much deeper. ‘Most medical graduates swear the Hippocratic oath,’ says Rebecca, referring to the ancient Greek, who famously said that a physician without a knowledge of astrology has…

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    FINALLY research reveals why we keep eating when we’re full

    We’re all guilty of the odd overindulgence, maybe squeezing in a pudding at a lovely restaurant or having an extra handful of popcorn at the cinema. But if you frequently eat past the point of fullness, despite feeling uncomfortable or bloated, scientists can finally explain why. New research has revealed that the brain signal to keep eating is stronger than the one telling you to stop. Why have I put on weight? In the future, there may be a simple remedy. Scientists behind the study, based at the University of Michigan, have discovered that the drug naloxone can help quieten this urge, and drastically reduce the amount you eat in…

  • Feel happy all season

    Winter-proof your mood against seasonal affective disorder

    Feel happy all season with our expert tips At this time of year it’s common to get a touch of the blues, however, around 10 per cent of people experience more serious symptoms of winter depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) ‘It’s twice as likely to happen to women, and people often find out whether they’re susceptible by their twenties,’ says psychiatrist Anne Farmer. Because it’s all due to your body’s reaction to daylight, it’s more common the further north you live, if your workplace is quite dark, or if you do shift work that means you’re often asleep during the day. ‘As well as a low mood,…

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    Rediscover your creativity!

    Get inspired by late summer’s cacophony of colour, culture-filled festivals and inspiring events, and unleash creativity to future-proof your brain By Rebecca Speechley When did you last pick up a paintbrush, write a poem or play a musical instrument? For many of us it may have been a while, but it’s well worth getting inspired, because according to science, tapping into your creative side could help protect your brainpower for life. ‘Being creative helps to alleviate stress, boost your mood and broaden your social life,’ says Dr Tony Lloyd, psychologist and advisor to health research company Equazen. ‘What’s more, it could help improve your cognitive function by developing key brain…

  • Dr Chatterjee

    Dr Chatterjee’s health tips for the new year

    This month, Dr Chatterjee is feeling hopeful about healthcare in the UK becoming more lifestyle-focused. So, here we are again at the start of a New Year. I for one am filled with optimism as I truly believe there’s is a shift taking place in public consciousness about what keeps us healthy and what leads to ill health. People are taking more responsibility for their own health and educating themselves about the best ways to achieve longevity, which is so important considering degenerative diseases are on the rise. Science over the past 10 years has taught us that only 10 per cent of our health outcomes are related to our…