Healing Eye Massager

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Eliminate Your Eyes From the Tension of the Day!

  • Promote Better Eye Health: Nowadays, individuals invest hours at a time looking at a computer system or phone screen. That continuous direct exposure to light at a brief range can result in visual tiredness, so you require to secure your ocular health with the healing eye massager. It assists enhance vision, help you in going to sleep quicker during the night, unwinds the eye muscles, and eases tiredness.
  • It’s Completely Safe for Your Skin: The safety glasses supply a very soft massage, so it will not aggravate the eyes or the skin around them. The magnets that reach your skin are constructed out of silicone, and you can change the strap so that it fits completely over your face. Nevertheless, it ought to not be utilized by individuals with burned, irritated, or hurt eyes.
  • Various Vibrating Modes: You can choose in between 9 various settings. It’s perfect for trainees, individuals who continuously work overtime, or individuals who constantly take a look at their phones.
  • Size: 17 cm x 5.6 cm

Readily Available in Black or White!