Mixed Martial Arts Training Punch Ball

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Train Like an MMA Fighter With Equipment You Can Bring Anywhere!

  • Punch in 360 Degrees: This Mixed Martial Arts fitness instructor headband is simple to use however tough to master. After you have actually fit the headband correctly, you can punch the ball connected to it at any angle you like. This provides you a complete upper body exercise due to the fact that you continuously need to extend various muscles to reach the ball.
  • Improve Speed and Response Time: In Mixed Martial Arts, you need to respond to something in a minute’s notification. The ball bounce back at you at all angles, so you continuously require to stay watchful. Utilizing this gadget frequently enough will enhance your concentration, update your hand-eye coordination, and increase your total reflexes.
  • Train on the Go: The Mixed Martial Arts training punch ball can come anywhere with you. It is light-weight and portable, so even if you are away on getaway, you can get in an excellent exercise.
  • Adjustable Headband Length: 65 cm
  • Elastic Telescopic Rope Length: 75 cm
  • Ball Size: 6 cm

Ideal for Male, Ladies, Teens, and Anybody Else Intrigued in Boxing!