Retractable Windscreen Cover

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The Service for Keeping Your Cars and truck’s Within Cool Throughout the Summertime!


  • Avoid UV Rays From Entering Your Cars and truck: The number of times have you gotten in your automobile, and it seemed like a sauna? You require something to shut out the sun, and this retractable windscreen cover is ideal! It’s constructed of a high-density polyester efficient in obstructing 99.5% of UV rays along with 85% of the overall solar power from the sun.
  • Set up in a Matter of Minutes: With the retractable cover, you no longer need to handle folding and unfolding accordion windscreen covers. You merely install it on the side of the windscreen and pull it out in one smooth movement when you wish to cover. 
  • Prevent Premature Vehicle Damage: Extreme direct exposure to sunshine will too soon fade your automobile’s interior. The seat and control panel will lose a few of their color, significantly impacting the resale worth. From now on, you can leave your automobile throughout the parking area understanding you will constantly have shade with you. 
  • Size: 70 cm x 155 cm

Functions for Compact Cars, Vans, SUVs, and Trucks!