Warm Bluetooth Hat

£55.99 £23.95


Listen To Your Beats Wirelessly Utilizing Your Beanie!

  • Sync It To Your Phone – This bluetooth hat is where it’s at. Simply sync with your phone’s bluetooth and listen to your music, podcasts, or whatever you prefer while using a comfy and elegant beanie. 
  • Or Utilize It With A Laptop computer, Tablet, or Home Computer – It does not matter–if you can sync bluetooth with it, you can utilize it with this hat. Controls on the hat let you push play/pause or change the volume of the earphones. 
  • Perfect For a Run – Working on a vigorous, cold day seems like the ideal “pairing” for this bluetooth hat. If you get it sweaty (it occurs), you can take the earphones out to clean the hat, no sweat!
  • Do Not Stress Over Earbuds Falling Out – These earphones are within the hat, so they remain on no matter your exercise level. You can even charge them utilizing a USB cable television.
  • Transfers Far-Away Gadget – Your bluetooth hat just needs to stay within 32 feet of the gadget transferring information!
  • Size – Approximate. 8″ x 8″
  • Is Available In Black, Grey, Blue, or Red!